Did we invent math or did we discover it?

2 min readNov 13, 2020

To answer to this question, we need to answer a few questions before. What is math? We could say mathematics, is a methodology which help us do from simplest calculations up to most complex ones. We could use this methodology in absolutely everything which involve a calculation. Mathematics can be likened to a “language”. We invented the language, a language, but all he did was to help us understand and use something which existed there since ever: communication. We cannot say we invented the communication; she exists since ever. However, we could say we invented the language which help each us to understand each other easier. In this case, we could say math, is the language which help us to understand the numbers, respectively how to do the calculations or use those numbers. Calculations, sums, elements, they existed there since ever, we just invented the language and that is mathematics.

Using it, we can understand the numbers, sums, we can use it in simple operations, calculations or we could use it to identify a rhythm and later on creating a rhythm in the musical field — there is a saying: “music is mathematics”. Well this is the reason.

Computers are based on mathematics calculations, we are using math even in the kitchen (add 100 grams of tomatoes, etc). Economics are based on math, complex calculations, additions, decreases, multiple, etc.

One of the reason mathematics is mandatory within the elementary school, is that we are using it every day. We are using it in everything what surround us, we are using it in day to day activities and in most of the cases without even realize it, we are using it subconsciously.

So, the answer is, we invented math, we invented this language however, just to understand and later on to use, what already exist around us — numbers, results, more precise the notion of math calculations. We could say our entire society, our life style, our evolution is relying on the language we invented, mathematics, used to understand and discover everything what surround us.

P.S.: Exercise of imagination. Actual society have been evolved in this form because the science relies on “facts”, basically on math: a+b = c .

How would have society looked like, if the society would have been relied on the emotional intelligence? If the same number of engineers would have spent so much effort to have a society build on emotional intelligence.

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