How can people be faithful to a someone they do not love?

2 min readNov 25, 2020

When you are with someone you do not love, but still remain faithful to, there are some main reasons and / or some secondary. I call them that because the main ones are enough even one, while the secondary ones must be more so as to “weight” as a main one.

In general, fidelity is a “gift” so to speak, which we categorize in several ways:

- The gift “won” — the other person sees in you everything he needs; he simply does not need to look for or find something else elsewhere. It is a “gift” quite rare, but I like to think it exists

- The “desired” gift — is the most common, there are quite a few relationships in which partners cheat, frequently or accidentally. Then fidelity becomes desirable. There is a saying: “A person who does not cheat does it because he/she did not have the right opportunity.”

- The “forced” gift — usually comes from people who are loyal but do not love that person

We’ll talk a little bit about that “forced” gift. This type of fidelity is most often found in people who stay with someone even though they do not love that person. Why do I call it forced? Because although for the other person fidelity may not be the most important quality, instead for one person that category of people, it becomes the most important thing. Why? Because it is the only thing that is offered in the relationship and then he/she has to give it maximum importance, he/she put more value than the person to whom they are faithful.

Another reason why people under this topic are faithful is comfort. What does this mean? Is not easy to cheat someone, in special if you have some morals. Because you need to hide, be careful how you act, what you do, how you smell, what you’re saying. Not to sound like a challenge but to cheat someone so the other person won’t notice, is not that easy. However, the universe has an interesting way of working and at some point, these “cheatings” will be revealed.

In conclusion to answer to: How can people be faithful to a man they do not love? Out of convenience, comfort and the fear of losing their comfort zone.

In an ideal world, fidelity is a mutual gift that comes unsolicited.

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