How do you get out of your comfort zone?

3 min readApr 6, 2021

Was there a job you wanted to do but turned it down because it seemed a little too complicated? Was there a business you wanted to start, but did you find it a bit complicated? Do you regret not doing certain things because they seemed complicated? Well, the main reason is, comfort zone.

Comfort zone, probably the most dangerous zone for individual evolution. There are a few reasons why that zone is dangerous:

- Is putting in “hibernation” mode the quality called: adaptability — a quality that gives us the opportunity to adapt a lot easier to absolutely any new problem or change we encounter.

- It turns us into slaves to habits — is not bad to have certain habits as long as we keep a balance between habits and “something new”.

- It blocks us in learning something new — we might have the false impression that we know them all and we do not allow any new information to enter, which could affect our comfort zone.

The list could go on but the conclusion is the same, the comfort zone does not favor us even if it apparently protects us. I wonder is it protection or just the absence of an opportunity for danger?

The good part is that we manage to realize that we are in a comfort zone, usually this is very difficult to identify. How do we get out of this…




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