How long will you be remembered after the day that you die?

3 min readNov 30, 2020

As I said in another article, we cannot say concretely what happens to us after we die, but this time we will also address a very interesting topic, namely how long we will be remembered after we die.

It is not known exactly when “writing” or “marking” certain events by icons was invented: protoscription. Although the difference between them is that one is used for communication, another for expression, we can say that both were used to “mark” certain events or certain people. People left certain writings through various members, but over time, most of the time, those who dealt with the preservation, documentation and recording of certain events were scribes. In general, scribes “wrote” only about important events with an impact on society, referring to leaders or key people with an important role. We can say that in history there were several manuscripts in which were noted, in the form of text, pictograms or vividly all the significant events specific to the period.

Some negative aspects related to these types of history recording:

- Written — Most of the time when one empire conquered another empire, historical writings were destroyed, so the main source of a historical fact was overwritten. This is where it came from: “history is written by winners”

- Icons — a language that at first was simple, to protect their writings and ensure their own value, many scribes have complicated this “language” to be as difficult to decipher. Thus, as the scribes who knew that language disappeared, the ability to understand those icons disappeared with them. Ex: Egypt

- Live words: already in the 3rd person in the chain of storytellers, more than half of the information has been lost or changed its meaning. Which makes it very difficult to interpret the actual history (try to play the game from childhood called: “Wireless phone”

A great contemporary historian said, “everything that has happened in the past is just an interpretation as probable as possible, but it is not very certain, more important is to make sure that we record as objectively and correctly as possible the events that happen in our time.” so that the future generations can know exactly what happened. “


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