How to accept failure in life, get over it and move on?

2 min readMar 24, 2021


Regarding failure, there are a lot of tips, respectively proverbs or motivational quotes (also proverbs, but it sounds different when told by motivational speakers). I will list some of these proverbs related to mistakes, which in the first phase are perceived as failures:

1) The man learns by mistake

2) To mess up is human

3) He who does not learn from mistakes is doomed to repeat them

4) Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn;

All these proverbs have in common a kernel of truth, more precisely, there are very few people who learn from the mistakes of others without living them on their own skin, but there are even fewer people who can learn without ever making a mistake, I would say that it doesn’t exist, but surely someone would contradict me 😊. Why are we so afraid of mistakes? — read the post: “If we learn and improve from our mistakes, why are we so afraid to make mistakes?”

What is failure? — a mistake, around which we build an anchor, which we refuse to detach.

How to accept this failure?

1) To understand — first you have to understand everything that happened in the context of that failure. If you understand, you shape the thought, if you shape a thought, you can “fight” with it. As long as there is a mystery, a dilemma, a “hidden truth” you will not detach yourself from that moment, you will remain anchored in time because “I do not understand what happened”

2) Take you part of the blame — many people refuse to accept failure for fear of responsibility. Blaming is a national sport when it comes to our own person, “it is always someone else’s fault”.

3) Give yourself enough time — Any physical wound heals over time, so is the emotional one, but it does not mean waiting for it to pass, on the contrary, it means living, learning to enjoy small things, learning to live. Quoting Damian Ureche: “Let’s give the second life for life.”

Only now follows the part with the “accept”. This part comes at the end of these stages, precisely because here is a vicious circle. You can move on if you accept failure, but you only accept failure when you can move on.

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