How to overcome anxiety, stress in such agitated world?

3 min readApr 14, 2021

With the evolution of technology, the world has become more and more agitated, everything is happening at a much higher speed, technological evolution is happening at a fantastic speed. The millennial generation (those born in ’80s or ’90s) could best observe this, being the generation that captured the “analog” world, the transition from one world to another, and the “digital” world. Throughout this transition, there has been a “change” that millennials may be better aware of, but the generation born after 2000 in terms of the current “normal” may not be aware of it at all.

What does this change, this transition, refer to?

In the “analog” world, we used our whole body in daily activities: we walked to work, did physical shopping, washed dishes, vacuumed, if necessary, broke wood, made fire, etc. As technology evolved, we were able to replace more and more daily “tasks” with appliances, robots, etc. The good part is that it helps us save time and effort, but the less good part is that instead of using our whole body and having a balanced effort between physical and intellectual, we have transferred more and more effort to the brain, changing that balance. Basically, we do more with the brain and less with the rest of the body.

Being in a continuous evolution, including jobs are becoming more and more jobs where we use much more “head” than the rest of the body. In other words, this intellectual effort puts pressure on the brain, and any sustained effort turns into stress. When we have too much stress and our brain is continuously connected, we have two situations:

- Exteriorization — it can be a punctual explosion or a continuous state of nervousness, you can practically no longer be approached, the world can no longer understand you, you are “stressed”

- Internalization — states of annexation, depression, claustrophobia, panic attacks, self-dissatisfaction

The difficult part, especially in these times, is that if you work from home, you don’t really manage to disconnect, respectively to differentiate between work and home. On the other hand, we always hear the advice, let it soften, relax, but how should you do this, how to overcome stress?


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