Is it okay to block these feelings? (Ex: pain) (Part 2).

2 min readSep 21, 2021

The emotional pain experienced also directly influences the empathy we have for each other. After overcoming a very big emotional pain, depending on the character of each one, two categories of people emerge:

1) Those who remain open expose their pain, develop high empathy — those who understand that emotional pain and are somehow more understanding or tolerant of those who go through something similar: “I understand what you are going through, I know what it means to suffer”

2) Those who close themselves, hide their pain, lose their empathy for others. “What do you know about suffering? I suffered more” in conclusion, they will not understand why you suffer. One of the downsides is that stifled pain is much more dangerous because it gathers like a volcano and when it erupts, anger and resentment will destroy everything in front of them.

We can say that in the relationship with other beings, empathy plays a very important role. Only by understanding the pain of another being we will do something to help them. Very importantly, this understanding born of pain cannot be forced, more precisely, if you intentionally make someone suffer, physically or emotionally, this being will not develop empathy but, on the contrary, will enter an area of ​​”self-defense” and will respond with “attack” and aggression, will become the person described in case 2, above.

The absence of empathy, develops negative selfishness, can divide a society.

The presence of empathy, develops compassion, tolerance, understanding and help, practically unite a society.

It is not good to try to block these feelings, we can accept them as part of us and we can learn from them.

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