Is there life after death?

Every time a difficult question appears on the table, I always start from what I know and then apply the logic of the highest probability. One of my mottos is: Anything is possible, but not everything is probable.

Over the years, there have been several researchers who have measured the body weight of certain dying people before, while and after they died. Some claimed that when people pass away, the body weight decreases by 21 grams, others said that it decreases by 0.01 grams, it is certain that at the time of death, the human body loses weight, hence the conclusion that the human soul has weight.

Until these scientific demonstrations were made: the fact that the soul has weight, absolutely all religions tell us about the existence of soul, and this happens starting thousands of years before these studies were made. There are religions that believe that the soul reaches another dimension (heaven, hell, different astral plane, etc), while others like the soul return to earth, more precisely reincarnation, etc. — I don’t dare to debate on nobody’s belief, each person is free to believe in what he/she wants.

What is certain is that we are more than physical. Where that spiritual part of us goes is very difficult to say. It is possible to go to another parallel existential plane, to a spiritual plane, it is possible to ascend to an astral plane. For now, it is difficult for us to say, because each interaction with another dimension is individual and not collective, especially since each individual is different. Each individual will strongly claim that he is right, because this is about everyone’s faith.

The common denominator that all religions and science have is that there is a soul. So, there is continuity after we die. What happens to this soul after we leave this world I can say “anything is possible”.

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