What age should a person be considered old enough to die of old age?

3 min readDec 7, 2020

There are several aspects to consider here:

- from a physical point of view, of age

- from a personal point of view of “soul fulfillment”

- from a social point of view of “life expectancy”

The first aspect: in terms of age. There is a theory which says, there is a special cell in our body that controls aging. That cell dies when we turn about 3 months old. If we follow that theory, it means that after 3 months of life we ​​start the aging process. Another theory is that unaltered human DNA is made to live much longer, in the order of several hundred years. If we look even at certain religious books, a few thousand years ago people lived much longer on earth. If both science and religion have agreed on a subject, it means that a kernel of truth exists.

We conclude that from a physical point of view, we cannot say when a man is old enough to die. It remains for us to approach the subject from a personal or society point of view.

The second aspect: from a personal point of view, more precisely of the fulfillment of the soul. In general, if we are lucky (I say lucky but this is much more complex than luck) and we are not too selfish, we want to pass on the genetic inheritance, respectively to have at least…




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