What causes some people to be emotionally obsessed with others?

3 min readNov 26, 2020

When we refer to an obsession, we call it like that because the person you are obsessed with no longer has any emotional connection with you. If she still had, then it would be called a relationship and we would link that emotional obsession to a crazy love affair. In conclusion we can say that the emotional obsession is unidirectional (it has a direction only from you)

To find the answer to this question we need to understand a little about what kind of emotional obsession it is. Although the term used is emotional obsession, it is the emotion behind it that makes the difference between obsessions.

Guilt Obsession — This type of obsession occurs when from an overloaded consciousness. Specifically, you had something with a certain person and you hurt him/her a lot. Although you do not admit this, your subconscious does, as a result you feel guilty and you cannot get your person out of your mind until you feel that you have made up for it.

The obsession with “sexual attraction” — usually this obsession occurs when you had a person you were very attracted to, it made you feel in bed like no one else, but otherwise that was the only thing that would bind to him/her. Usually you only have one such person and it means that you have anchored yourself to her. Specifically, you will compare all your sex parties with that person.

The obsession with the “ideal partner” — in your mind you made an image of what an ideal partner means, but you built that image around that person. There are two situations to keep in mind when forming an image around the ideal partner:

- Real: it was for you the top of the partners you had, a cumulation of all qualities

- Unreal: you made an image of him / her about how you think he or she would have been without actually being with that person to see reality

When we look at someone, we see in that person what we want to see. This is also the reason why most of the time we see the qualities and ignore the defects, even if someone else warns us about the defects, we see what we want to see. Maybe you interacted with that person, maybe not, but in your mind many more things happen than in reality. Certainly, you see things that are not there for a…




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