What happened with me when I was kid that I need so much sex?

3 min readNov 12, 2020

I won’t approach the physical side, depends a lot on the chemical balance inside your body; I’ll approach more the emotional part. If you try to connect on something which happen into the childhood, it depends a lot on what do you like more when you’re having sex. Here are some situations which you should identify:

- If you liked the orgasm and you masturbated a lot since an early age, that means you didn’t had too much pleasures or balance within happiness (perhaps you weren’t allowed to enjoy too many things) during that period and when you were alone, that was the only thing which got you pleasure and wanted to fill your “reservoir” as much as possible

- If you like to have only sensual sex, which involve a lot of affection and holding into each other arms, usually means, you haven’t received enough affection (perhaps even the opposite) when you were a small kid and you need to feel desired, loved and protected

- If you like rough or aggressive sex, means that in childhood you had a lot of aggression but instead of just give up and be resigned, you decided to stand up and fight, become a warrior

- If you like to be high/drunk/etc. during the sex, it means you want to escape reality as you don’t like what you see or what you saw

Why the above situation matter? Because something happen which had disturbed your balance and pushed you to become a little bit extremist when comes to pleasure. The question, is sex the only pleasure you need? Are the rest of the pleasures taken to extreme?

What I mean? Everything you like, you need to have at maximum. Examples:

- If you identify a TV show you like, you would watch all the seasons if possible.

- If you receive a bottle alcohol you like, it would be hard to stop until you empty the bottle

- If you buy a good pizza, you’ll eat all then won’t spare anything for later

A balanced life is reflected in everything, in our day to day activity, in our speaking, thinking and most important, into what give us pleasures, in this case sex. First, this pleasure if is with the right partner, I don’t think is a wrong one, but the unbalance part, is something which…




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