What is Love?

2 min readFeb 20, 2021

There are many articles that approach this topic from various perspectives, some more complicated, others less complicated. I will explain in a simple form, love is an emotion, triggered by an internal or external stimulus.

If we are lucky, we develop from an early age the love from our parents or the people who take care of us, as a response to the affection, safety, care but especially the pampering received. We can say that it is a reaction to an external stimulus, we offer what we receive.

As we grow in the first phase, we learn to like certain beings (humans, animals, birds, flowers etc.) or things and then to offer in turn affection, protection, care, etc., combined in one word: love. This type of love is based on the internal stimulus, a pleasure, which also comes from a positive selfishness: “I feel good when…”

If we talk about love between two people, we abstracted it in 3 ways: love, attraction, family. — See the article published some time ago: “How many kinds of love is it?”

If we talk about any other kind of love, it cannot be abstracted or compared. Let’s think about the love between a man and his pet or a gardener towards his own garden, the examples are endless. There are so many kinds of love and I don’t think anyone is capable of embracing them all.

Be careful not to confuse obsession with love, because these two feelings share a very thin common border and many people confuse them.

If we compare them with a metaphor: obsession is an anchor, while love is a river.

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