When did time begin?

2 min readNov 12, 2020

For each one of us time started when we begin to perceived it, not when we were born. We were taught by our parents when is time to eat, when is time to sleep and later on when is time to wake up. We were taught that Saturday and Sunday are free days and in the period of winter and/or summer there is a period free from any responsibility, is what we call vacation. We were taught that once per year we celebrate our birthday. In the moment we start to acknowledge that another year, month, week, day, hour has passed, is the moment we perceive time and time passing. We can say until we won’t perceive it, for us, time didn’t exist.

How many times when we were on vacation at our grandparents, we thought ourself that our summers there are numbered? Until a certain age, nobody thinks at this. Why? Because we haven’t perceived the time, because we were under impression that those moments will last forever. No matter we haven’t completed something we planned during that summer, we have any of the upcoming summers. Practically for us, time didn’t exist. In the moment we started to perceive it, is the moment we’ve discover it, we gave it a form and we used a name for it: “time”

Since that moment everything is changing. We realize we are ephemeral; we realize that absolutely everything what surround us, is here for a certain amount of “time”. Usually this consciousness comes with sadness, in special because we don’t know what will happen to us when times run out.

We don’t have the capacity to understand how or when was “born” something which was, is and will be there forever, but we have the capacity to understand how we report to this notion of “time”.

So, when did time begin? When we started to perceive it.

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