Why are we born into certain families? What is our lesson? Why are good people and intelligent people given more weight than others who are not so gifted mentally or intellectually?

3 min readNov 13, 2020

There are several theories related to this topic: birth. All are possible but not all are probable. To understand what is happening in the spiritual world or in another parallel dimension we should have an open channel with these dimensions, but not any channel, rather one that can be perceived by everyone, one that can be seen and used, as a tunnel, or line of communication: internet, telephone, radio, etc. Otherwise, until we have such a thing, we will not believe in their existence even if we meet a being who can communicate with all plans.

So, I will focus on what we have on the physical plane. Good people are people who have developed stronger emotional intelligence. Usually these people are much more tolerant than others. This means that they have a much more developed tolerance, as a result, precisely from this tolerance the gravity of some facts to affect them, must be much higher. Compared to a weightlifter, he is used to warming up with a 20 kg dumbbell and exercises with a 30–40 kg dumbbell, if you gave him a dumbbell of 5 kg, you would pull him back more rather help him train. Training is done progressively by increasing weight. So, for him a weight would be to make him warm up with a dumbbell of 30–40 kg and the exercises with a 50 kg one, but these would also become easy after a while.

Weights are given to us at the limit of each person’s ability to overcome them. We have two options: we face them and we overcome them or we give them up and we lose ourselves. Why aren’t other “less gifted” people given such weight? Because it is far above the limit it could lead to and it would be lost instantly.

We leave the physical space and go to the theoretical area in order to be able to use several plans, especially the spiritual one.

A personal, but unproven theory: if there is reincarnation, then with each reincarnation, our soul receives one or more lessons meant to make it stronger, more resilient, more tolerant. A progressive growth meant to push our limits higher and higher. And if at some point, it would have seemed a tragedy to us that our parents didn’t buy us the phone we wanted, it would seem normal for us to be a soldier in the war, we have to invade Normandy to liberate it, we are also in the first line, the so-called “cannon fodder”.

What is the lesson? Personal evolution, respectively the evolution of emotional intelligence. It is important not to give up, to evolve to become better, stronger. Personally, I think that if we gave up, we would start all over again: “whoever does not learn from mistakes, is doomed to repeat them”.

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