Why do we feel physical and emotional pain?

2 min readJun 10, 2021

From a physical point of view, we feel pain due to the nervous system, more precisely due to the sensory receptors in the nerve cells, which take over this “suffering” and transmit it to the brain. Pain is a perception, the way the brain perceives and warns us when something hurts us. It can be a slight pain, or it can be stronger, it is certain that each pain is recorded in the subconscious, depending on its severity, it leaves us “traces” deeper or shallower. When we are babies, we do not know what pain is, we only know that it is uncomfortable and if it hurts, we start crying, later as we grow and become aware of pain, we begin to learn to protect ourselves, practically combined with the instinct for survival, conservation, we begin to record information in the subconscious. The proverb, “until you nod and it hurts, you don’t learn” is actually a conclusion.

Emotional pain most often arises from a strong feeling of detachment, of losing a connection with someone or something very dear. Example: a loved one disappears from your life, or you lose your comfort zone or you lose an object of soul full of symbolism for you.

Even when we speak of empathy, conscious or subconscious association is made with the loss of a connection, whether we are talking about a being or an object. Example: Someone loses their mother, if you are sorry and suffer a little handcuff at that news, you do it because you know what this would mean or has meant to you. The same principle applies if you find out that someone has lost their home and it affects you, you practically put yourself in that person’s shoes and it makes you think of losing.

In conclusion, we can say that physical pain is a reaction of a stimulus most often coming from the outside, while emotional pain, in turn, is a more internal reaction triggered by the association or experiencing a loss.

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