Why doesn’t a person want to learn more?

3 min readNov 23, 2020

Every man has his own “engine” that is fueled by motivation, which in turn is fueled by inner desire. This desire is channeled on what makes each one happy.

Let’s take two models of inner desires that are in opposition to each other:

- Some want to know as much as possible, it turns out that they are very curious about a certain field, involved “bombarding” you with questions, at some point you may consider them stressful, but they are the ones who want to understand. Most of the time, those who have such a personality are also those who choose a job that they like. As a result, he will perform good in that job

- Others in opposition, are not curious about anything, maybe they just want to play, maybe they want to sit all day on TV or do something that has nothing to do with any job, but the bills have to be paid, as a result they have to find a job that will ensure their existence. Unfortunately, in opposition to the former, they are never curious.

All these desires are part of the “way of being” and they can be influenced from childhood. Here I have another saying: for any work, both the hand of the grinder and the material to be polished matter equally. How can they be influenced in childhood?

Let’s take some examples:

- if a child from an early age, is agitated, wants to run, gets bored quickly, is curious about as many as possible, but we do not encourage that curiosity instead we want him/her to stay calm in a place because it is easier for us, then that child will not be curious about much when he becomes an adult

- if we give an energetic child a phone / tablet / TV, too much, that child will become a spectator, will no longer have the desire to participate and everything will move in his imaginary world and turn you into a comfortable adult, even lazy

- if for child parents will solve all the problems and will not make him responsible from an early age, it will result in a child who thinks that everything is demanded of him and everyone around him must serve him without working anything, in addition not knowing the difficulties, 18 years old will be upset with his parents for not giving him more, house, car, etc. — A motto that would help here: do not do for your child what he can do alone

Even if as adults we are masters of our own decisions and actions, depending on the childhood we had, those decisions and actions we will make easier or more difficult, it is called our way of being.

Let’s keep in mind one thing, the biggest enemy of motivation, is convenience. The balance between the two is influenced by the way they are.

Why doesn’t someone want to learn or advance? He is not motivated to do it, for that person, what heshe does is enough.

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