Why everyone says that soul and character is more important however the first thing we check if physical aspect?

3 min readNov 12, 2020

This is one of the subjects which spin around perception. There are 5 basic senses we use when we perceive someone:

- Taste

- Hearing

- Sight

- Smell

- Touch

In most of the cases, the first sense we use when we interact with a person, is the sight. That is the first “test” to say like this, the physical aspect. The second test will be what we hear from that person when we engage into a discussion. The third test when person will get closer, will be the smell. When you’ll touch each other, for a handshake in example, we’ll be the 4th test. The fifth and final test when things get to another level, will be his/her taste. Based on the type of interaction these “tests” can happen in different order. All this information is delivered towards the brain. Each one of us has a particular “range of perception” for each of the sense. First of all, each “range of perception” is unique for every person, that’s why we like different things and have different “views”. Let’s categorize on a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 is lowest, 10 is highest. What goes within the upper range (5 to 10) will categorized as “I like it”, what goes within the lower range (1 to 5) you’ll categorize “I don’t like it”. Based on the score we will define how much you’ll like a person. For example: a very high scored will transform easy “I like it” into “I love it” or a very low score will transform easy into “I hate it”. I’m calling this a test, because if the score is too low, then you’ll refuse to interact with that person perhaps after the first test. Based on the circumstances we perceive the character of a person. Example: if you require help from a person and he refuses to give it, there is a good chance you’ll categorize that person as a selfish with low character, but if that person will help you, then it will be a unselfish with a great character. That’s why circumstances are important. As mentioned, each one of us have our own unique scale, that’s why is important to define someone’s character on how they made you feel, on your own scale, not how they made others feel.

As time pass some test will get more points, other test will get less, but you’ll be willing to accept that scoring low on one test (in this case sight) is less important if he/she compensate with the rest. This will get you to a conclusion like the physical aspect, which is just one test, is less important than the character and soul, which pass the rest of the tests.

In terms of perception, physical aspect is just a test, but character aspect is a conclusion.

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